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Hard Drive Consumption Analysis (SSD)

There is usually only one reason that people get excited about Solid State Drives (SSDs) which is of course the speed boosts that they can deliver. There are some circles that like the idea of the silence that can be achieved without mechanical spinning drives.

Though when I first heard of SSDs it was not only the performance boost but also the power consumption savings that should be possible that put one firmly on my Christmas list.

The SSD Has Arrived

The Kingston V200 64GB Solid State Drive was handed over on Christmas Day and I have had a day or so playing with the cloning software. Preliminary experiences shows a massive performance boost with similar consumption to my notebook hard drive.

I managed to cut the size of my data down to less than 50GB even with Battlefield 3 still installed, which was perfect for the SSD which has 60GB available when formatted.

The cloning software which comes with the SSD was a real treat to use, I got the data replicated across to the SDD and old desktop hard drive in less than 15 minutes each.

Upcoming Hard Drive Testing

The Kingston 64GB SSD has arrived as a Christmas gift from my better half, this will eventually replace the slow laptop Western Digital Blue Scorpio 250GB drive that I currently use.

In my current test system I run this slower drive as a remnant of when I became obsessed with making the PC quieter. It takes almost 5 minutes to boot using the laptop hard drive that I use now, with the new drive I should see a significant reduction in boot time and map loading times in Battlefield 3.

This laptop drive will then become storage as a second drive for any singleplayer games or media files that I will be using.