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Choosing Energy Efficient PC Hardware Guide

In this article I will be explaining the processes that I follow when choosing new hardware, I hope to give an idea of how to make more educated choices where energy efficiency is concerned.

This process is not only for those looking to reduce consumption, it also applies to anyone who wishes to dramatically increase the capabilities of their system and are unsure of which components will give the best performance.

Getting Started

I am aware that looking at Eco Gamer could be a little overwhelming, especially if you jump straight into one of the eco investigations. This page has been created as an attempt at basic guidance and to give you ideas and inspiration of where you can start.

Measure Power Usage

In order to determine if your chosen PC upgrade or energy efficient measures are increasing energy efficiency you will need to be able to measure your consumption, here is a guide how to start measuring.

Once you have a working method of measuring consumption you can start to think about your goals. My personal goal when I start this was to reduce the consumption of my existing Gaming PC to be in line with the new slim PS3 and Xbox360 Consoles, I wanted to achieve this without compromising the superior performance of the system.

Though as time has passed and the energy efficiency has increase I find myself leaning towards a different tact; to keep consumption at it's lower level while increasing performance. Which is also a very valid energy efficiency move.

Guide to Measuring PC Power Consumption

I have been banging on about energy consumption and the power used by our PCs, but what I have neglected is to help those who want to measure their usage to do so.

Today I will go through the basics of measuring energy consumption, hopefully to help you to measure your own PCs consumption. I will also outline the methods that I personally use for Eco Gamer.

Undervolting Your Graphics Card How-to Guide

In my latest investigation I undervolted my ATi 5770 graphics card in order to tame one of the highest power consuming components of my PC. After much research and trial and error installs; I found an application that was capable of doing what was needed and that is ATI Tray Tools.

Since the investigation was a very successful at increasing the energy efficiency though proved to be difficult to perform; I have tried to compile steps to guide you through how you can do the same.

What is Eco PC Gaming?

I have already written an introduction to eco PC gaming where we have established that the average PC gamers machine will use more power than the latest consoles, but that it will also perform considerably better. However I am yet to explain why a PC can be a viable option for and energy efficient gaming, and this is what I hope to explain today.

How can someone be thinking energy efficiency and choose a PC over the consoles?

Of course there are many aspects in the answer to this question, and the first is to explain why people use PCs for games in the first place. Gamers tend to sit to the extremes oon this one and it is rare that someone will be a PC gaming enthusiast and use a console also (and vice versa), making this is a highly debated question, and one which will incite rage in even the most mild mannered forum user.

Eco PC Gaming - Introduction

As a PC gamer I revel in the graphics of the latest games and strive to run them smoothly on the highest settings possible, though upgrading to the lastest technologies can be a quickly become a slippery slope which will end up costing vast amounts of money on components and your electricity bill.

In this series of articles I hope to explain the best ways to ensure that you don't end up with a power hungry gaming PC, and instead have an efficient and capable system. I also hope to share any tips that can help you along the way while always trying to ensure that these measures are not detrimental to your enjoyment of games.

PC Upgrade Guide

This article aims to show the different ways in which you can upgrade your system hardware to increase the performance of your PC for your needs. I will not be going into which makes and models of components to buy, simply which part of the PC will best benefit for you.

Due to computers being very flexible in what they can do, the demands on each computer can be vastly different. I have put together a small table which can be used as a quick reference for the relevance of each upgrade for your personal computer use.

Checking the Games Performance of your PC

Checking the performance of your PC for gaming is something that thousands of people around the world do on a regular basis and it worth millions. It can be stressful and very adictive (Of that I have first hand experience) but the end product can be a very stable computer, and in my case an empty wallet and enough experience to write an article about it...

Using an Frames Per Second (FPS) display in games is the most common and is generally the bread and butter of any passionate PC gamer, however it is a very crude and somewhat inaccurate way of determining how well your system performs as a gaming machine. I will explain how you can use FPS first, but will put the emphasis on how to benchmark your system for an accurate representation.