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Windows 8 Power Management

There has been a Blog by a Microsoft insider which explains some of the steps that the company have taken to power management for the Windows 8 OS.

The power management in Windows 7 was already a big leap for the computer operating systems, and actually bested the efforts of the Linux low power distributions. Any further developments in this area will be a really strong reason for upgrading from the already proven and efficient Windows 7.

The most intriguing point for me is that they are recording power usage on a daily basis during the development of Windows 8, to ensure that they are not neglecting this important detail.

This is good to see as if they are able to reduce the idle consumption of Windows 8; this should in turn reduce the peak consumption also.

One of the major steps seems to be ensuring that a PC only uses power when in use; with mention of quicker changing power states; like those see already in smart phones. Specifically where you can put a phone into a low power state when it is not being used (press the power button) and wake it back up instantly to use again when it is needed.

They seem to be taking inspiration from manufacturers such as Samsung; as my Samsung N150 Netbook already has a feature which sends it to sleep when the lid is closed and 'wakes it up' within a second of opening the lid ready to be used again. When the lid is closed the battery consumption is roughly 1% per hour, and I find this a great way of making it last longer.

This would be great to see it incorporated by default into the new windows OS.

It will certainly be interesting to see the end result of this come the release late next year.


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