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Eco Gamer is on a mission to try to discover what can be done to make PC gaming more energy efficient, to play the latest PC games in their full beauty while endeavoring to reduce system power consumption.

Through a series of Eco Investigations I have been looking into the possibilities available and whether they actually increase energy efficiency, and you can also see the Progress that has been made with my test gaming system.

Latest Articles

AMD Radeon HD7750 Efficiency Analysis

I have had the Sapphire Radeon HD7750 for a few days now and the testing is now complete, but is it as efficient for gaming as I had hoped?

This graphics card is the lowest of the ATi HD7000 series cards released for preview so far, and is considered to be a mainstream gaming card, the previews of it throughout the internet have highlighted it as a low power card, but I wanted to see the affect that it would have on the already efficient gaming system.

Limiting Frame Rate for Efficiency

We have looked into the affects of enabling V-sync which limits the frame rate of a game to 60 and got some great efficiency results, but what are the effects of limiting it to a lower rate?

Unless you have a very capable gaming system; enabling v-sync in all games will not be an option for you as the latest games will likely already be running below 60 frames per second. This is where imposing a lower rate should become key for Eco Gaming; as with the right software you can set the rate to what you are personally comfortable with and still get great energy saving results.

Energy Efficiency and V-sync

The first investigation on Eco Gamer was a look into the effect that using V-sync has on power consumption, and since the Intel G850 upgrade and the resulting performance boost; I think it is time to look at v-sync again.

Rather than a comparison between the two sets of results, this is a new look into the possibilities which I hope will be easier to understand than the original (graphs and charts make all the difference) and will also list the efficiency percentages.

Choosing Energy Efficient PC Hardware Guide

In this article I will be explaining the processes that I follow when choosing new hardware, I hope to give an idea of how to make more educated choices where energy efficiency is concerned.

This process is not only for those looking to reduce consumption, it also applies to anyone who wishes to dramatically increase the capabilities of their system and are unsure of which components will give the best performance.


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An ongoing chart for efficiency of the Eco Gamer test system.